Valentine's Day at Paju School

By February 14, the walls and doors of the classrooms in Pai School were decorated with beautiful "heart" compositions, and an exhibition of original valentines opened in the Assembly Hall. The most active and creative participants of this creative competition received diplomas.
But most of all our “cupids” from the Council of the Cause worked that day. The guys accepted postal valentines and delivered them to the recipients during the breaks. This year, a postal record was set - everyone wanted to congratulate their friends on the holiday!

Favorite Things Day

On February 3rd, Pai School hosted a "Favorite Things Day". Warm pajamas or your favorite robe, a beautiful seashell or a car made with your own hands, a sports uniform that brings good luck, a pillow, a toy, a warm blanket and slippers - all this cheers us up and gives us joy. The guys were happy to talk about their favorite things and share a good mood!

Day without backpacks

On January 27, a fun day was held at Payu school - the guys had to come to school without backpacks, but at the same time bring all their school supplies with them. And then a violent fantasy appeared - pillows, baskets, pet carriers, tool cases, etc. were used. The day turned out to be very fun. The most creative participants received diplomas!