Estonia Independence Day!

On February 24, at dawn, in the Northern courtyard of the Narva Castle, a festive ceremony of raising the national tricolor on Estonian Independence Day was held. Many residents of the city and the region came to the festive event dedicated to the 105th anniversary of Estonia's independence. The teachers of the Payu school together with the students also took part in the ceremony.

Vastlapäev-Shrovetide at Paju school.

On February 23, the oil week ended at the Paju school. On Tuesday, the guys met Vastlapäev - in the dining room that day they were treated to pea soup and delicious buns - vastlakukkel. And on Thursday for pupils of 1-5 grades there was a big holiday "Vastlapäev-Maslenitsa". The guys once again remembered folk traditions, did creative work and, of course, had fun. Active games on the street were held for them by eighth grade students - members of the School Council of the Cause. And at the end, everyone went to the dining room to eat pancakes!