Sports Day at Paju School

On May 26, while the graduates were taking their first exam, students in grades 1-8 took part in the traditional Sports Day. The youngest students studied at Akkeküla. Someone went to study nature and the seashore, someone to exercise on simulators. But the largest team went on a hike around the city. After that, they took part in football and athletics competitions.

Mother's Day at Paju School

By tradition, on the eve of Mother's Day, a big festive concert was held in Paju school. A touching atmosphere reigned that evening in the Assembly Hall. Young artists were worried, because for many it was a debut. Parents were worried no less than children and joyfully applauded after each number. There were very emotional and exciting performances, they were fervent and funny. And after the concert, while the parents were at parent-teacher meetings, the guys managed to make bright postcards for their mothers.