Visit of the Chancellor

On May 2, Chancellor of Law Ülle Madise, accompanied by Chancellery advisers, paid a visit to Narva Paju School. The guests were interested in the work of the school with children with special educational needs, visited the Student's House and talked with the school staff.
In a solemn atmosphere, gifts were presented to the school, including portraits of the presidents of Estonia. The portrait of Alar Karis is personally signed by the President.
The guests were presented with souvenirs created by the students of Paju School.

Mathematics Day

On April 21, the traditional Day of Empty Classrooms was held at Paju School. This time it was devoted to mathematics. The classes went on a hike around the city. The route lists indicated not only the points of visit, but also the tasks. With the help of available tools, the guys created geometric shapes and measured objects, plotted a route and played BINGO. What an interesting end to the quarter at Paju school!

Beauty around us

On April 20, Payu school hosted a traditional Creative Festival for children with special educational needs. For the past three years, this event has been held in a virtual environment, and now, finally, the guys were able to get together. Pupils of Kreenholm Gymnasium, Kesklinna Gymnasium and Paju School took part in the event.