Sports Week at Paju School

On September 29, the Sports Week at Paju School ended. During these days, many events took place - we had a movement day and active breaks on the street, a school table tennis tournament and a game at stations for students in grades 1-5, high school students went on a hike and participated in various competitions.
The most active participants received gifts from the Estonian Olympic Committee as a reward.

Active and interesting day!

On September 22, students from Narva Paju School took part in the Teatejooksu charity run and enjoyed exploring the play street that appeared for one day in the Joaorg recreation area. In the traditional relay race, the honor of the school was defended by 9 teams at once - students from grades 5-9! Our students not only performed well, but also had a good time!

Issue 2023

On June 21, the graduation ceremony took place at Narva Paju School! On their last school day, ninth-graders gave teachers and guests a wonderful holiday. Touching and daring, exciting to tears and strict restrained performances created that unique atmosphere that is inherent in all holidays in our school. It was a wonderful day! We wish all our graduates success in the future and always look forward to visiting them!