New project

On December 5, guests visited the Paju school - teachers from the city of Kademe, Turkey and from Antwerp, Bruges, and from the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium). As part of the project Mobilities for Erasmus Accreditation in the field of School Education, they wanted to get to know how work is done in Estonian schools with children with special needs. The guests attended an English lesson with Ksenia Kalleis, saw what crafts our girls do together with Irina Alekseeva during labor lessons, and what our students do with Nadezhda Kiri during mathematics and computer science lessons.

Christmas Market and Charity Concert

On December 6, traditional events were held at Paju school - a Christmas fair and a Charity concert. Our children prepared many original souvenirs and crafts under the guidance of labor teachers. And the performance of our artists was no less worthy. Traditional songs performed by the school choir opened and closed our concert. The youngest artists, our first-graders, not only sang songs, but also played musical instruments. The most active guys from 3rd grade sang and danced! The guests really liked the collection of hats prepared by the older girls during labor lessons.

Another trip with Kultuurisaadiku programm

This time, the students and teachers of the Paju School went to the capital – Tallinn. The trip was very eventful. We visited three museums at once: we learned about that. How they lived in the old days in Vabaõhumuuseum, met Nukuteatrimuuseumi and went down to the dungeons in Kiek in de Köki kindlustustemuuseum. It was a very exciting and educational journey!