From the school of the future to holiday cards

On May 17, the defense of creative works was held in Pai school. The topics presented this year were very interesting. Pupils from class 9a not only researched the problem of why children in the yards stopped playing mobile games, but also held lessons for elementary school pupils, where they introduced them to such games. Young men from the 9c class investigated human heart rhythm and how it changes after physical exercise. Veniamin Grigoriev from grade 7b was interested in the history of postcards and at the same time created his own collection. Alexei Matveev from grade 8a analyzed the issue of school violence on the example of the film “Scarecrow” and the book of the same name by V. Zheleznikov. A group of children from the 9c class created a real masterpiece. They not only thought through what the school of the future should be like, how important it is to follow the rules of a “green” school, but also what students could do in addition to their studies.