Fairy Ball at Paju School

On October 19, a traditional city ball for pupils of 4-6 grades was held at the Payu school. This year it was dedicated to the anniversary of Charles Perrault. After a two-year break, students from six schools of the city gathered in our hall. How wonderful it is to once again plunge into the atmosphere of old balls, remember ballroom etiquette, learn old dances and ballroom games. Fairy fairy and her helpers made this holiday especially bright and interesting! All the traditions were observed: the Polonaise opened our ball, the guests prepared original and memorable numbers for the “forfeits”, the gentlemen were attentive to their ladies, and the “Brook” became the most favorite ball game. Each participant of the ball received a sweet prize and a diploma as a reward. However, this is not the most important thing. The main thing is that many of them want to return to the ball at Payu school again!